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pgAdmin III v1.8.0 released

Posted on 2007-10-22

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.8.0, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source and a variety of binary formats from:


v1.8.0 represents nearly a year of development and testing to bring you a host of new features and improvements including:

Major features

  • Add a macro facility to the Query Tool.
  • Add support for multi-parameter aggregates.
  • Treat view columns as first class citizens. Show them on the treeview, and allow their properties page to be viewed. Allow editting of the default value and comment, and reflect this in the reverse engineered SQL for the view.
  • Integrate the EnterpriseDB pl/pgsql and EDB-SPL debugger with pgAdmin.
  • Add support for enums in PostgreSQL 8.3+.
  • Display catalogs separately from schemas, and don't treat them as system objects any longer (they can be hidden using the display options). Show only tables & views (as 'catalog objects') in pseudo-system catalogs such as information_schema and EDB's sys and dbo catalogs. Lock down functionality to prevent create/edit/drop options being offered.
  • Treat all functions & procedures as 'Functions' in PostgreSQL, and class only EnterpriseDB edbspl functions returning void as 'Procedures'.
  • Add a set of options to allow the user to hide selected object types from the treeview. Note that the new default settings will hide less commonly used objects such as casts, languages, aggregates, operators etc.
  • Browser support for Operator Families in PostgreSQL 8.3.
  • Allow GUC variables to be preset on functions in PostgreSQL 8.3.


  • Speed up loading of functions and procedures by rewriting some horribly inefficient code.
  • Numerous changes to the database browser code to ensure changes to objects are properly reflected in the main window. In addition, the expanded/collapsed states of child nodes are retained wherever possible during refresh operations.
  • Add an option to the Report Tool to open the output file in the default browser.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to show and hide UI elements.
  • Display the output pane in the query tool at query completion if it's currently hidden.
  • Retain column widths when refreshing the edit grid.
  • Remove bundled copies of PostgreSQL/Slony docs to make it easier to localise the rest. Instead allow the use of local or online copies of the PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB or Slony docs, each independently of the other.
  • Add a new command line option (-f ) to open an SQL script automatically when using -q or -qc.
  • Add fillfactor support on tables and indexes.
  • Add a new command line options (-cp ) to allow direct editing of pgpass files.
  • Add auto-indent to the query tool.
  • Add an option to show indent guides in the query tool.
  • Allow spaces to be used instead of tabs in SQL editors, and ensure the width can be set sensibly.
  • Allow detection and conversion of line ending format in the query tool.
  • Add support for function cost and row estimations in PostgreSQL 8.3+.
  • Display the is_called sequence flag.
  • Position the cursor at the error position when an error occurs in the Query Tool. Ensure the line is visible.
  • Use Oracle style syntax for edbspl triggers.
  • Create and reverse engineer edbspl procedures using Oracle compatible syntax.
  • Preserve column widths between queries in the query tool.
  • Use EnterpriseDB's utilities for dump and restore EDB databases to ensure non-PG extensions can be handled.
  • Add support for packages on EnterpriseDB.
  • Add support for public synonyms on EnterpriseDB.
  • Use pg_statindex (if available) to optionally display additional index statistics on a per-table basis. Also works for index-constraints.
  • Allow install time re-branding. This allows rebranded versions of pgAdmin to be distributed without code modifications, but with references to the original pgAdmin being displayed instead. Also add support for shaped splash screens.
  • Replace the Mac installer with code to create a distribution disk image.
  • Allow entire servers to be backed up.
  • Allow global objects to be backed up.
  • Add a guru hint to warn the user of the consequences of storing passwords.
  • Add options to enable/disable triggers, both individually and per-table.
  • Use pg_stattuple (if available) to optionally display additional table statistics on a per-table basis.
  • Add a 'Run Now' options for pgAgent jobs.
  • Retain the clipboard contents on app exit.
  • Add an option to show NULLs as in the Query Tool.
  • Remember last used save definition filename.
  • Remember last used backup/restore filenames.
  • Allow GUCs to be set on users, roles and databases at create time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed UTF8 option was not effective by file reading and writing of a query and fixed crash at the time of file save.
  • Ensure files can be converted to the required encoding before saving.
  • Warn the user and allow her to abort before re-running a backup or restore to or from the same file, in the same session (can occur if the first attempt returns an error or warning).
  • Ensure logfiles and pgpass files can be correctly saved on Windows when the username contains non-ASCII chars.
  • Ensure we always allow the maximum string length possible to be entered in the Edit Grid.
  • Sort server list alphabetically.
  • Fix a crash in the Edit Grid which occured if Delete was pressed whilst editing a boolean.
  • Load second and subsequent postgresql.conf files into the config editor correctly.
  • Prompt the user to save changes before opening a file from the recent files menu on the Query Tool.
  • Don't try to detect if integrated autovacuum is running on < 8.1.
  • Display the constraint OID for index constraints, not the index OID. Add the index OID as a new property.
  • Ensure the password change dialog works with stored passwords.
  • Copy and paste data correctly when in a cell editor in the edit grid.
  • Avoid creating graphical explain nodes for triggers as they aren't part of the plan and mess up the layout.
  • Fix reverse engineering of data types with a size of 0, such as "timestamp(0) without timezone".
  • Handle resetting of sequence values more consistently.
  • Function/procedure signatures do not include OUT params. Fix this oversight, and cleanup much of the related code.
  • Ensure pgAgent jobs can be managed on Greenplum database.
  • Fix the table, index and index constraint tablespace property combo boxes to allow changes to tablespace.
  • Refactor the Query Tool's execQuery function to prevent pgAdmin freezing while two long running queries are executing simultaneously.

Code cleanup/maintainability

  • Remove a lot debugging code of little or no use.
  • Refactor code to remove support for building the Query Tool with a listview rather than a grid.
  • Refactor code to remove database base classes.
  • Remove code specific to versions of wxWidgets that we no longer support.
  • Remove obsolete support for non-Unicode builds.

As well as many other tweaks, improvements and bug fixes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave their time to help with the development, testing, translation and packaging of this release.

Dave Page

pgAdmin Development Team

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