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pgAdmin III v1.6.1 released

Posted on 2006-12-01

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.6.1, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source and a variety of binary formats from:


v1.6.1 is primarily a bug fix release, including the following changes:

  • Prevent a crash if the 'View Filtered Data' filter dialog is cancelled. Per Erwin Brandstetter.
  • Enable the OK button on the Database properties dialog when the owner is changed, per Jim Cullison
  • Rework the Find/Replace code to fix a couple of minor bugs and improve readability.
  • Fix deletion of stored procedures, Per Erwin.
  • Include IN/OUT/INOUT keywords in procedure identifiers in the treeview.
  • When checking the position & size of windows, use the dimensions of the current display, not the primary.
  • Only enable the 'Include SQL' checkbox on the report dialog if there is SQL to include, Per Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha
  • Fix a minor bug in the index reverse engineering when using non-default operator classes per Andrus.
  • Don't display index constraints under the Indexes node as well as the Contraints node, per Erwin.
  • Properly quote function parameter names, per Ken Priest.
  • Fix some portability issues in the configure code [Max Khon]
  • Guard against permission denied errors in the edit grid per Howard Wang
  • Don't paste into empty edit grids, per Howard Wang
  • Prevent a crash from the query too when using File -> Exit on GTK
  • Ensure backup and restore options are enabled when appropriate (this is a wxWidgets bug, fixed in wxWidgets 2.8.0rc1)

Dave Page
pgAdmin Development Team

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