pgAdmin 4 v6.1 Released

Posted on 2021-10-21 by pgAdmin Development Team
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The pgAdmin Development Team is pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 6.1. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 30 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

pgAdmin is the leading Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL. For more information, please see the website.

Notable changes in this release include:


  • Added support for indent guides in the browser tree.
  • Added support for advanced table fields like the foreign key, the primary key in the ERD tool.
  • Added support to allow tables to be dragged to the ERD Tool.
  • Added index creation when generating SQL in the ERD tool.
  • Added support for authentication via the webserver (REMOTE_USER).
  • Added support to enable/disable rules.


  • Fixed OAuth2 integration redirect issue.
  • Ensure that the query highlighting color in the query tool should be less intensive.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser tree doesn't show all contents on changing resolution.
  • Ensure that columns should be displayed in the order of creation instead of alphabetical order in the browser tree.
  • Fixed background color issue in the browser tree.
  • Added support for composite foreign keys in the ERD tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the users are unable to load the databases behind an HTTP reverse proxy.
  • Fixed an issue where each click to refresh the collection node, the number of objects decreasing by tens or more.
  • Fixed browser tree sort order regression issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the blank string is stored instead of NULL in the server table of an SQLite database.

Builds for Windows and macOS are available now, along with a Python Wheel, Docker Container, RPM, DEB Package, and source code tarball from the tarball area.