pgAdmin 4 v4.30 Released

Posted on 2021-01-28 by pgAdmin Development Team
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The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 4.30. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 38 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

pgAdmin is the leading Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL. For more information, please see the website.

Notable changes in this release include:


  • ERD Tool (Beta):

    The Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) tool is a database design tool that provides a graphical representation of database tables, columns, and inter-relationships. You can use the ERD tool to design a new schema and generate the SQL required to create it, or to reverse engineer and diagram an existing database schema.

  • Kerberos Support:

    Kerberos support is added in pgAdmin 4 using SPNEGO for logging into pgAdmin, similar to the existing LDAP and "internal" options. Note that support for logging into database servers using Kerberos is not included in this release, but will be added in a future version.

  • Add a container option (PGADMIN_DISABLE_POSTFIX) to disable the Postfix server:

    Postfix (like other MTAs) must start as user 'root', and the pgAdmin container achieves this using 'sudo'. Whilst that works well in most environments, it can cause problems in some. This option allows you to completely disable Postfix to avoid these issues, though you will need to configure an external mail server to be used to send password reset emails.


  • Improve the explain plan details by showing a popup instead of a tooltip when clicking on plan nodes.
  • Ensure that verbose logs are visible for Utility (Backup, Maintenance etc.) jobs.
  • Added support for expressions in exclusion constraints.
  • Ensure that the 'template1' database is not visible after pg_upgrade.
  • Added appropriate help message and a placeholder for letting users know about the account password expiry for Login/Group Role.
  • Updated Flask-BabelEx to the latest version.
  • Fixed extra parentheses issue around joins for Views.
  • Ensure that the current value of sequences is ignored while comparing using Schema Diff.
  • Fixed an issue when the user tries to delete multiple records in the data grid.
  • Fixed TypeError exception in schema diff when selecting two identical objects.
  • Include PostgreSQL 13 utilities in the container distribution.

Builds for Windows and macOS are available now, along with a Python Wheel, Docker Container, RPM, DEB Package, and source code tarball from the tarball area.