pg_tle 1.1.1 released

Posted on 2023-09-12 by Amazon Web Services
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Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL (pg_tle) is an open source project that lets developers extend and deploy new PostgreSQL functionality with lower administrative and technical overhead. Developers can use pg_tle to create and install extensions without filesystem access and work with PostgreSQL internals through a SQL API.

The pg_tle development team is proud to announce the release of version 1.1.1 !

pg_tle 1.1.1 is a feature release that supports building and indexing custom data types for efficiently handling complex data structures within your PostgreSQL database. Custom data types are helpful when extending PostgreSQL to support functional domains where a built-in type such as number or text can’t provide sufficient search semantics. You can now create a new base (also known as 'scalar') data type in your trusted language extension, specify how it is stored, and define functions that support SQL and index operations for this new data type.


The code is available at
Custom data types documentation with examples:

pg_tle is an open source project maintained by Amazon Web Services. The pg_tle development kit enables users to write stored procedures in their preferred trusted language while staying within the PostgreSQL security barrier, thereby enabling administrators to delegate extension management to unprivileged users. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You can send your ideas, feature requests, or patches using the GitHub tools.