pg_tileserv for PostgreSQL/PostGIS

Posted on 2020-03-08 by Crunchy Data
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Crunchy Data is pleased to announce the initial release of pg_tileserv.

pg_tileserv is a PostGIS-only tile server written in Go. By restricting itself to only using PostGIS as a data source, pg_tileserv gains the following features:

  • Automatic configuration. The server can discover and automatically publish as tiles sources all tables it has read access to: just point it at a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.
  • Full SQL flexibility. Using function layers, the server can run any SQL to generate tile outputs. Any data processing, feature filtering, or record aggregation that can be expressed in SQL, can be exposed as parameterized tile sources.
  • Database security model. You can restrict access to tables and functions using standard database access control. This means you can also use advanced access control techniques, like row-level security to dynamically filter access based on the login role.

The pg_tileserv is made available under the Apache 2.0 License.

The team behind pg_tileserv welcomes questions, issues and contributions. Please use the projects Github Issues to coordinate.

Crunchy Data is proud to support the development and maintenance of pg_tileserv.