pg_probackup 2.4.10 has been released

Posted on 2021-02-15 by Postgres Professional
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New features:

  • The remote agent API is now stable across the same minor version starting with 2.4.9, which makes pg_probackup installations more robust towards version drift. Requested by Alex Ignatov.
  • It is now possible to restore and validate a backup from a read-only filesystem. Requested by Mikhail Kulagin.
  • Backup shared locks are now released at the process exit.

Bug fixes:

  • Due to false-positive CRC match it was possible to erroneously reuse file during incremental restore, which could break pg_catalog relations relying on for filenode mapping if they were subject to VACUUM FULL or REINDEX operations before backup. This is fixed now.
  • Race condition between reader and writer in acquiring the backup exclusive lock is removed.
  • File descriptor leak in the backup shared lock is fixed.

pg_probackup is a utility to manage backup and recovery of PostgreSQL database cluster. It is designed to perform periodic full and incremental page-level backups of the PostgreSQL instance that enable you to restore the server in case of a failure.