pg_probackup 2.4.1 has been released

Posted on 2020-06-25 by Postgres Professional
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pg_probackup is a utility to manage backup and recovery of PostgreSQL database cluster. It is designed to perform periodic full and incremental page-level backups of the PostgreSQL instance that enable you to restore the server in case of a failure.

Notable changes:

New features:

  • Incremental restore. During incremental restore the valid unchanged pages available in the destination data directory are not rewritten. This greatly increases the speed, reduces the network load and I/O consumption.
  • New option for restore command: -I | --incremental-mode mode. Two incremental restore modes are available: checksum and lsn.


  • The memory consumption during backup and merge operations is reduced.
  • The speed of restore for incremental backup chains is greatly improved, in some extreme cases of particularly long chains - by an order of magnitude.
  • Remote backup speed is improved thanks to moving the whole process of scanning the remote data directory tree to the remote agent. On systems with high network latency and large amount of files the speed gain can be significant.


  • archive-push and archive-get output to PostgreSQL text log no longer breaks pgbadger parsing. Reported by @triwada and Mikhail Kulagin.
  • Previously running backup right after replica promotion resulted in error, because timeline ID was obtained before pg_start_backup execution.