pg_probackup 2.2.7 has been released

Posted on 2020-01-20 by Postgres Professional
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pg_probackup is a utility to manage backup and recovery of PostgreSQL database cluster. It is designed to perform periodic full and incremental page-level backups of the PostgreSQL instance that enable you to restore the server in case of a failure.

Notable changes since pg_probackup 2.2.5


  • pinned backups are now ignored for the purpose of WAL archive retention policy fulfillment. Reported by Vasily Puchkov.
  • pgdata_bytes attribute for FULL and DELTA backups in remote mode is calculated correctly now.
  • now full names of WAL segments are used in Max Segno, Min Segno and lost-segments fields of the WAL Archive catalog. Reported by Nikolay Popov.
  • fix segfault caused by the stack size limit. Reported by Petr Karezin.


  • added support for extension ptrack 2.0
  • packages for ALT Linux versions p7, p8 and p9 are available in the repository
  • latest documentation is now available

Links & Credits

pg_probackup is an open source tool developed by Postgres Professional under Postgres license. Main contributors are Artur Zakirov, Grigory Smolkin and Anastasia Lubennikova. pg_probackup can be downloaded at