pg_dbms_metadata v1.0.0 released

Posted on 2024-01-05 by HexaCluster
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PostgreSQL pg_dbms_metadata extension

This is a PostgreSQL extension to extract DDL of database objects in a way compatible to Oracle DBMS_METADATA package. This extension establishes a systematic approach to programmatically retrieve DDL for objects. You now have the flexibility to generate DDL for an object either from a plain SQL query or from PL/pgSQL code.

The following functions and stored procedures are implemented:

  • GET_DDL() This function extracts DDL of specified object.

  • GET_DEPENDENT_DDL() This function extracts DDL of all dependent objects of specified type for a specified base object.

  • GET_GRANTED_DDL() This function extracts the SQL statements to recreate granted privileges and roles for a specified grantee.

  • SET_TRANSFORM_PARAM() This procedure is used to customize DDL through configuring session-level transform params.

This is the initial release of this extension.

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About pg_dbms_metadata

The pg_dbms_metadata extension is an original work at HexaCluster Corp. Akhil Reddy Banappagari, Avinash Vallarapu and Gilles Darold are the authors and the official maintainers.