pg_dbms_lock v1.0 released

Posted on 2023-12-05 by HexaCluster
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Toronto, Canada - December 03, 2023

PostgreSQL pg_dbms_lock extension

This PostgreSQL extension provided compatibility with the DBMS_LOCK Oracle package except the DBMS_LOCK.CONVERT() function and some unsupported lock modes who anyway are rarely found in the Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

The following stored procedures are implemented:

  • ALLOCATE_UNIQUE(): Allocates a unique lock ID to a named lock.
  • REQUEST(): Requests a lock of a specific mode.
  • RELEASE(): Releases a lock.
  • SLEEP(): Puts a procedure to sleep for a specific time.

For instance, user locks can be used to do the following:

  • Provide exclusive access to an external device or service (like a printer).
  • Coordinate or synchronize parallelized applications.
  • Disable or enable execution of programs at specific times.
  • Detect whether a session has ended a transaction using COMMIT or ROLLBACK.

This is the initial release of this exention.

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About pg_dbms_lock

The pg_dbms_lock extension is an original work at HexaCluster Corp, Gilles Darold and Akhil Reddy Banappagari are the authors and the official maintainers.