pg_dbms_job v1.1.0 has been released

Posted on 2021-09-01 by MigOps
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August 28, 2021

PostgreSQL DBMS_JOB compatibility extension

pg_dbms_job is a PostgreSQL extension to create, manage and use Oracle-style DBMS_JOB scheduled job. The use and behavior is just like with the DBMS_JOB Oracle package.

pg_dbms_job v1.1.0 has been released, this is a maintenance release to fix some possible wrong behaviors, give control over other ones and improve the documentation.

  • Add configuration directive job_queue_processes to control the limit of jobs that can be run at the same time.
  • Fix insertion failure in job history table when PQSTATUS returned contains single quote.
  • Fix possible case where asynchronous jobs can be executed twice if they are not removed fast enough from the queue.
  • Fix regression test to use latest SQL version of the extension.
  • Add limitations on pg_dbms_job use and especially about the NOTIFY queue size limits. Thanks to Julien Rouhaud for the report.
  • Add missing information on how to stop or reload configuration of the scheduler.
  • Add information that unlike with cron-like scheduler, when the scheduler starts it executes all active jobs with a next date in the past.
  • Add information that jobs are executed with the role that has submitted the job and with the search path was used at job creation time.

To upgrade installed pg_dbms_job version 1.0.1 execute:


after installing the new version using: make && sudo make install

Links & Credits

pg_dbms_job is an open project under the PostgreSQL license created by Gilles Darold at MigOps Inc as part of the improvement of Ora2Pg. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You can send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools.

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About pg_dbms_job

The pg_dbms_job extension is an original work of MigOps Inc, MigOPs is specialized in migration to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL support. If you need more information please contact us

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