pg_chameleon 2.0.14

Posted on 2020-07-26 by Federico Campoli
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This maintenance release improves the support for spatial datatypes. When postgis is installed on the target database then the spatial data types point,geometry,linestring,polygon, multipoint, multilinestring, geometrycollection are converted to geometry and the data is replicated using the Well-Known Binary (WKB) Format. As the MySQL implementation for WKB is not standard pg_chameleon removes the first 4 bytes from the decoded binary data before sending it to PostgreSQL.

When keep_existing_schema is set to yes now drops and recreates indices, and primary keys during the init_replica process. The foreign keys are dropped as well and recreated when the replica reaches the consistent status. This way the init_replica may complete successfully even when there are foreign keys in place and with the same speed of the usual init_replica.

The now forces PyMySQL to version <0.10.0 because it breaks the python-mysql-replication library (issue #117).

Thanks to @porshkevich which fixed issue #115 by trimming the space from PK index name.

This release requires a replica catalogue upgrade, therefore is very important to follow the upgrade instructions provided below.

  • If working via ssh is suggested to use screen or tmux for the upgrade
  • Stop all the replica processes with chameleon stop_all_replicas --config your_config
  • Take a backup of the schema sch_chameleon with pg_dump as a good measure.
  • Install the upgrade with pip install pg_chameleon --upgrade
  • Check if the version is upgraded with chameleon --version
  • Upgrade the replica schema with the command chameleon upgrade_replica_schema --config your_config
  • Start all the replicas.

If the upgrade procedure can't upgrade the replica catalogue because of running or errored replicas is it possible to reset the statuses by using the command chameleon enable_replica --source source_name.

If the catalogue upgrade is still not possible then you can downgrade pgchameleon to the previous version. Please note that you may need to install manually PyMySQL to fix the issue with the version 0.10.0.

pip install pg_chameleon==2.0.13

pip install "PyMySQL<0.10.0"