pg_back 2.4.0 released

Posted on 2024-07-01 by Nicolas Thauvin
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pg_back is a simple backup tool for PostgreSQL using pg_dump.

The main features of pg_back are:

  • Dump globals and configuration
  • Dump all or a subset of databases into any format supported by pg_dump
  • Filter tables and schemas
  • Time and count based purge of old dumps
  • Dump as a non-superuser role
  • Encrypt and decrypt the files with AGE using a key pair or a password
  • Upload and download to major Cloud storage providers (S3, GCS, Azure Blob) or any host with SFTP
  • Checksum files with sha256sum
  • Pre-backup and post-backup hooks

This new version allow to store remote files under a defined prefix, along with some bugfixes, see the file in the repository for details.

We would like to thanks all contributors who helped make this release possible.

The source code, documentation and downloads are available on github:

Docker images and Kubernetes examples are provided: