pg_back 2.1.0 released

Posted on 2022-02-24 by Nicolas Thauvin
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pg_back is a tool that can dump all your databases to files, with the configuration of the server and roles/tablespaces definitions.

The version 2.1.0 brings the following new features:

  • Add quiet mode with the command line option -q/--quiet. It takes precedence over verbose mode.
  • Compute checksum of global and ACL files
  • Add a dump of hba_file and ident_file
  • Encrypt and decrypt produced files
  • Upload files to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage or a remote host with SFTP
  • Add a systemd timer for Debian in the package generated by goreleaser
  • Check the syntax of the configuration file

And the following fixes:

  • Always create a createdb.sql file for plain format instead of dumping with --create
  • Ensure jobs option is greater than or equal to 1
  • Better check and adapt to versions of pg_dump and pg_dumpall
  • Fix the purge based on a number of files to keep
  • Improve the documentation in the file

pg_back is licensed under the classic 2 clauses BSD license.

Thanks to all the contributors!

More at

Binaries and packages are available on the github release page: