pg_back 2.0.1 released

Posted on 2021-05-17 by Nicolas Thauvin
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pg_back is a tool that can dump all your databases to files, with the configuration of the server and roles/tablespaces definitions.

The version 2.0.1 is a complete rewrite in Go, with the following new features:

  • URI and "keyword=value" connection string support (no longer limiting to host, port, user)
  • Time based purge of old dumps can use an interval smaller than 1 day
  • new command line options (with long options names):
    • --format (for pg_dump)
    • --parallel-backup-jobs (dump multiple databases concurrently)
    • --compress (compression level for compressed formats)
    • --pre-backup-hook
    • --post-backup-hook
  • Concurrent pg_dump jobs
  • Per database output directories (Use the {dbname} placeholder in the path)
  • Per database configuration with schema and table inclusion/exclusion
  • New configuration file format with an option to convert from the v1 format
  • Works on Windows

pg_back is licensed under the classic 2 clauses BSD license.

Thanks to all the contributors!

More at

Binaries and packages are available on the github release page: