pg_activity 2.1.0 released

Posted on 2021-03-09 by Dalibo
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pg_activity 2.1.0 has been released on March, 8th 2021 under the PostgreSQL license.

pg_activity is an interactive terminal application for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring.

Changes (since version 2.0.0):

  • Let libpq handle default values for connection options (hostname, port, database name and user name)
  • Set application_name='pg_activity' for client connections
  • Add a --hide-queries-in-logs option to hide pg_activity's queries from server logs
  • Try to reconnect indefinitely when connection is lost
  • Move SQL queries from Python code to individual SQL files
  • Truncate long database names on Python side
  • Do not display IDLE queries as None for old postgresql versions

Bug fixes (since version 2.0.0):

  • Handle absence of some fields in memory info on OSX (version 2.0.1)
  • Handle 'query' field possibly being empty when displaying processes (version 2.0.1)
  • Fix sorting logic when the duration field is None (version 2.0.3)
  • Update man page to mention <connection string> argument
  • Use yellow instead of orange for PAUSE for compatibility with limited terminals