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PG Lightning Admin version Released

Posted on 2006-09-06

PG Lightning Admin is considered one of the best commercial GUI Admin tools available for Postgresql databases.

It has a modern "non bloated" tabbed MDI design(similar to a IDE) that can greatly increase productivity and includes the ability to print, export/import from a wide variety of sources, and has a built in SSH tunnel among other features.

For more information including Flash screen cam tutorials and to download the 30 day demo see:http://www.amsoftwaredesign.com/lightning_admin.php

This latest release is primarily a bug fix release but does add the ability to start and stop a local win32 Postgresql service. As a added bonus all current and new registered users will have access to our new Lightning Admin for MySQL. The version for MySQL is currently only available to registered users but will be made available as a public demo soon.

Please see the official change history for complete details:


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