ORC Foreign Data Wrapper Update Version 1.1.0 is Released!

Posted on 2020-09-21 by Highgo Software
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HighGo Software Inc. (Canada) is pleased to announce the GitHub community release of orc_fdw v1.1.0.

Browse to the github release URL to access v1.1.0 release: ORC FDW v1.1.0 Release

Feature Enhancements:

  • Support added for joins between ORC foreign tables
  • Predicate pushdown handling added for boolean, const and operator evaluations
  • Target list pushdown for non-aggregate queries
  • Improved import schema functionality

and ...

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


github: https://github.com/HighgoSoftware/orc_fdw/


In the meantime, we are continuously working on adding more features to this FDW. We look forward to your feedback which will help us improve it significantly. Part of the future enhancements is to add DML support which will be added in a future version.