Ora2Pg Support - Chatbot and Converter, have been Released !

Posted on 2024-07-10 by HexaCluster
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Toronto, Canada - July 7th, 2024

Ora2Pg Chatbot and Converter

Ora2Pg is the most advanced database migration tool, for migrating Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Ora2Pg supports migrations from MySQL to PostgreSQL and lately supported SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

HexaCluster announces the Ora2Pg Support that includes an Ora2Pg Chatbot and Ora2Pg Converter.

How to access ?

Sign Up and start using for free : https://ora2pgsupport.hexacluster.ai/

Whats Included ?

Ora2Pg AI Chatbot

  • Sign Up for free
  • Start a Chat session and ask your questions about Ora2Pg and Database Migrations.
  • If you are not satisfied, click on "Continue with an Expert". You will now switch to "Expert mode".
  • Once you are in the "Expert mode", a Migration Specialist from HexaCluster will review and respond back to your request.

Ora2Pg Converter

  • Sign Up for free
  • Supports Unlimited conversions of Oracle schema to PostgreSQL. Just paste the Oracle DDL/Syntax and click on Convert, to generate PostgreSQL DDL/syntax.
  • Click on "Connect with an Expert" for Experts Assistance on incorrect or unsatisfied conversions.Links & Credits
  • This project is created and maintained by HexaCluster Corp.