Ora2Pg 24.3 have been released

Posted on 2024-04-01 by HexaCluster
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Bangkok, Thailand - March 29th, 2024


Version 24.3 of Ora2Pg, a free and reliable tool used to migrate an Oracle database to PostgreSQL, has been officially released and is publicly available for download.

This release fixes several issues reported since last release and especially a regression in GEOMETRY data export. As usual, it also adds some new features and improvements.

  • Add new configuration directive ORACLE_FDW_PREFETCH to control the "prefetch" used by oracle_fdw COPY/INSERT. Prior to this change Ora2Pg uses the default "prefetch" of oracle_fdw, which at the time of writing is 50. Allowing this to be controlled by an Ora2Pg configuration/option gives the option of increased performance at the cost of some additional memory on the PostgreSQL side.

  • Add new configuration directive PGTT_NOSUPERUSER. By default the pgtt extension is loaded using the superuser privilege when EXPORT_GTT is activated. Enabled it if you run the SQL scripts generated using a non superuser user. It will use: LOAD '$libdir/plugins/pgtt'; instead of LOAD 'pgtt';

Backward compatibility changes:

  • Modify the behavior of triggers export with EXPORT_INVALID. It used to apply to ENABLED or DISABLED triggers instead of real VALID or INVALID triggers. Export of invalid triggers will be controlled by EXPORT_INVALID like others objects like functions, packages, etc. This mean that disabled triggers that are valid will be exported by default now, this was not the case before.

For a complete list of change see https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/changelog

Links & Credits

I would like to thank all users who submitted patches and users who reported bugs and feature requests, they are all cited the changelog file.

Ora2Pg is an open project. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools or directly to ora2pg@darold.net.


About Ora2Pg :

Ora2Pg is an easy and reliable tool to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. It is developed since 2001 and can export most of the Oracle objects into PostgreSQL compatible code.

Ora2Pg works on any platform and is available under the GPL v3 licence.

Docs, Download & Support at http://www.ora2pg.com/