Ora2Pg 24.1 have been released

Posted on 2023-09-12 by Gilles Darold
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Antananarivo, Madagascar - September 8th, 2023


Version 24.1 of Ora2Pg, a free and reliable tool used to migrate an Oracle database to PostgreSQL, has been officially released and is publicly available for download.

This release fix several issues reported since last release and adds some new features and improvements.

  • Replace set feedback off by \set QUIET on and set pagesize 0 with \pset pager off.
  • Always add package name into search_path of packages functions.
  • Allow to specify a password file to set PG_PWD at PostgreSQL database connection. If the specified file exists on the system, Ora2Pg will read the first line to get the password at each call of send_to_pgdb(). It can be useful in some situation where the password change during data migration.
  • Added option --dump_as_json for assessment report.

For a complete list of change see https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/changelog

Thanks to all contributors, they are all cited in the changelog file. With special thanks to Martin Gerhardy for all the recent pull requests, this is much appreciated to not feel alone in the Ora2Pg code development.

Links & Credits

I would like to thank all users who submitted patches and users who reported bugs and feature requests, they are all cited the ChangeLog file.

Ora2Pg is an open project. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools or directly to ora2pg@darold.net.


- Website: [https://www.ora2pg.com/](https://www.ora2pg.com/)
- Download1: [https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/releases](https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/releases)
- Download2: [https://sourceforge.net/projects/ora2pg/](https://sourceforge.net/projects/ora2pg/)
- Development: [https://github.com/darold/ora2pg](https://github.com/darold/ora2pg)
- Changelog: [https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/changelog](https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/changelog)
- Documentation: [https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/README](https://github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/README)

About Ora2Pg :

Ora2Pg is an easy and reliable tool to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. It is developed since 2001 and can export most of the Oracle objects into PostgreSQL compatible code.

Ora2Pg works on any platform and is available under the GPL v3 licence.

Docs, Download & Support at http://www.ora2pg.com/