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OpenRPT 2.0 alpha

Posted on 2006-04-10

OpenRPT version 2.0 alpha is now available at www.openrpt.com, or openrpt.sourceforge.net. OpenRPT is a GUI client report designer/writer and server-side rendering engine, written with Qt and C++. Support for PostgreSQL is native, as is ODBC. Adding native support for other databases (should you even consider such a thing) is simply a matter of compiling with the appropriate Qt driver and making some simple modifications in the login code.

This release adds a few enhancements but largely is the first pass at converting the code to an Qt4 underpinning. Among the benefits of porting to Qt4 are native print-to-PDF reports on all supported platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, other *nix). The code uses the Qt3support library right now but work will continue on the conversion to eventually convert to 100% Qt4 code.

Any feedback on the conversion such as problems or code submission to convert Qt3supported code to Qt are welcome.

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