Odyssey 1.3 released

Posted on 2022-06-27 by Yandex
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Odyssey team is pleased to announce the release of Odyssey 1.3, a scalable multi-threaded connection pooler for PostgreSQL\GreenplumDB designed for the cloud.

In this release:

  • Support for protocol-level prepared statements in transaction pooling mode. You can enable pool_reserve_prepared_statement for a database. For client sessions issuing prepared statements Odyssey will automatically prepare those statements in database processes when necessary.
  • Standby lag polling. You can configure watchdog query for a database, and Odyssey will automatically prevent reading stale data.
  • A number of small bug fixes and improvements.

More details about new features in this release were presented by Andrey Borodin on CitusCon, here's the recording of the talk.

We appreciate any kind of feedback and contribution to the project. Odyssey 1.3 release can be found at the releases page.