Octopai is adding out-of-the-box support and analysis of PostgreSQL

Posted on 2022-11-06 by Octopai B.I. Ltd
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Octopai is adding out-of-the-box support and analysis of PostgreSQL, a leading database system. The new coverage of this system further broadens Octopai’s support of data landscapes in a singular platform (for details, please visit: https://www.octopai.com/out-of-the-box-integrations/).

As the move to the cloud becomes an inevitable reality for enterprises, the management of data pipelines and assets has become more challenging while many organizations still have to support legacy systems in hybrid environments.

Octopai’s platform enables data teams by providing them with complete end-to-end lineage across multiple systems regardless of being on-prem or cloud-based. Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform provides cost savings to enterprises using cloud-based systems, from the migration phase all the way to day-to-day use. By getting the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai decreases the number of exploration queries over various cloud-based systems, directly reducing expenses.

Octopai’s support and analysis of PostgreSQL is unique because it provides:

Detailed coverage with full visualization as part of the entire data ecosystem. End-to-end lineage from the legacy/operational system to report analysis, simplifying insight into and through the source along with all other layers of the company data ecosystem. Automatically maps a comprehensive, in-depth picture of the data assets and their journey, and creates a self-updating catalog A fully integrated catalog covering the entire data landscape with built-in data lineage.

Octopai is committed to providing enterprises with a multilayered lineage approach to data management and Business Intelligence to create simplicity and automation in a complex data environment. Octopai’s mission is to provide organizations with the intelligence they need to view their entire Data and Analytics landscapes, enabling them to gain easy access, control and visibility of their data.