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New training course for the SRA Silver Certification test

Posted on 2006-04-25

The Powergres/PostgreSQL development group of SRA OSS, http://sraapowergres.com, is pleased to announce a new PostgreSQL course. This intensive 3 day hands-on course is for new and junior level DBAs who are pursuing the PostgreSQL CE (PostgreSQL Certified Engineer) qualification certification system. The course is designed to prepare the DBA for the PostgreSQL Silver test, http://www.vue.com/sra/ where he will learn how to install, configure, administrate and execute queries for both the 7.4.x and 8.x versions of PostgreSQL.

This course is currently available in North America for $1,000 (US).

The PostgreSQL CE demonstrates proven skills managing PostgreSQL database systems, and offers an evaluation standard that System Integrators and Information System Departments can rely upon. This qualification certification system is targeted for engineers, trainers and consultants involved in system development and the management of a PostgreSQL installation.

For more information please go to http://sraapowergres.com.

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