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New Postgres Book available in German

Posted on 2004-11-12

Intended for the PostgreSQL database administrator, this book begins with the installation and configuration of the database server on both Windows and Linux. Afterwards follows a detailed description of the group- und user-concept, the available authentication methods, and the possibilities of the database super user or owner of a database object to grant rights to other users.

There's also comprehensive chapters about the development of procedures, triggers, rules, updateable views, etc. with PL/pgSQL and the development of database applications with languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, Java and C#. Also the development of modern Web-based applications is clearly demonstrated.

To facilitate the Postgres database administrator to excel in his job, sections about data backup, database replication with Slony-I and the setting up of database reports are explained.

Additionally there's also the evaluation of useful third-party tools for database administration (Postgres Manager from EMS, DbVisualizer) and for data modelling (DataArchitect and Case Studio 2).

This book should help you become successful in the administration and adoption of PostgreSQL for even the most demanding database applications.

This book is available through www.cul.de or through amazon.

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