New Podcast: Path To Citus Con for developers who love Postgres

Posted on 2023-09-12 by Microsoft Azure

Path To Citus Con is a new monthly podcast for developers who love Postgres, available via most podcast apps and on YouTube. Guests join to discuss the human side of PostgreSQL, open source, databases, and the many PG extensions—along with co-hosts Claire Giordano and Pino de Candia.

Recorded as a live show on Discord, the shows usually happen on the first (or second) Wednesday of the month. You can join the live recordings to participate in the parallel live text chat, which can be quite fun. Podcast episodes are usually published 2 days after recording.

First episodes have had some a-maz-ing guests from the Postgres world

Where to subscribe (& invitation to rate and review)

If you listen to the podcast and enjoy it, you can subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to get notified as new episodes come out. Also: reviews and ratings are much appreciated, so more people discover these Postgres conversations.

Future episodes

You can find more information about Path To Citus Con at: We hope you love this new podcast.