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New pgExpress Driver v3.0 released

Posted on 2005-03-15

We just released the version v3.00 of the pgExpress driver. This is a

major upgrade.

About the pgExpress Driver:

The Vita Voom pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver is a Borland

Kylix/Delphi 6+/C++ Builder 6.0+ dbExpress Driver that directly access

PostgreSQL 7.1 or newer: no ODBC layer is needed. It can access use

almost all field types, and is compliant to the Borland specifications

of dbExpress drivers.

Changes in this version include:

  • Enhanced PostgreSQL 8.0 support.

  • Delphi 8 and 9 support.

  • Asynchronous connections support. This allows cancelling queries in

execution. See more on Section 4.10, "Canceling a query".

  • libpq updated to v8.01.

  • New standard-based translation system: gettext. This will allow anyone

to make it's own translation, contribute a translation, or even modify

existing ones.

  • Added multiple transactions support (PostgreSQL 8+)

  • The traditional PGEDemo demo now has two versions: CLX and VCL.

  • Internal code cleanup and rearrangement.

  • Now pgExpress reads the actual object's name size from the server

(ISQLMedata.eMetaMaxObjectNameLength option). This will allow the

pgExpress Driver to adjust itself better to custom builds of the server

where the the NAME fields are not default (64 chars).

  • New key/registration system.

  • Fixed ServerDecimalSeparator issue with localized servers, specially

those which use "," as decimal separator.

  • Fixed a bug in PostgreSQL bytea fields (VarBytes/Bytes field): it was

missing the 2 bytes length specifier at the beginning of the stream.

  • Fixed TimeStampTz fields issue with locales that use "," as decimal


  • Fixed ISQLMetadata.Getprocedures method to be more schema-friendly.

  • Fixed handling of seconds fractions on TSQLTimespamp fields.

For checking the pgExpress page in our web site, and downloading it,

please go to:


Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards,

Vita Voom Software


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