New pg_validate_extupgrade tool available

Posted on 2021-07-22 by Julien Rouhaud
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I'm pleased to announce the release of pg_validate_extugprade, version 1.0.0 beta.

If you develop PostgreSQL extensions and provide both install and upgrade scripts, pg_validate_extugprade can help you to validate your scripts. It's a new command line utility tool that will verify that installing an extension in version X and upgrading it to version Y will create the exact same objects as if you installed the extension in version Y directly, and will list all the differences if any problem is found.

This tools is written in Rust and is open source with a GPL3 license. It's compatible with PostgreSQL 9.2 up to 14. You can refer to the project's README for more details and output sample, or the bug tracker if you experience any problem.


    pg_validate_extupgrade [OPTIONS] --extname <extname> --from <from> --to <to>

    --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -d, --dbname <dbname>      database name
    -e, --extname <extname>    extension to test
        --from <from>          initial version of the extension
    -h, --host <host>          database server host or socket directory
    -p, --port <port>          database server port
        --to <to>              upgraded version of the extension
    -U, --user <user>          database user name