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New Continuent Tungsten for PostgreSQL v. 1.3

Posted on 2010-04-16

Continuent Tungsten provides a complete solution for implementing and operating scalable clusters of open source databases. Continuent Tungsten Version 1.3 is a major release that includes a number of features to improve the flexibility, speed, and reliability of Tungsten clusters. Version 1.3 also includes a large number of bug fixes and minor improvements. Tungsten is available from http://www.continuent.com/

Tungsten version 1.3 includes significant architectural improvements to allow Tungsten Replicator to define custom replication flows, or pipelines as we call them, for native Tungsten Replication.

For PostgreSQL users, Tungsten 1.3 also greatly improves its PostgreSQL 8.4 warm standby clustering features, and introduces support for the upcoming PostgreSQL 9.0 log streaming and hot standby features.

With PostgreSQL 8.4, you can use a second PostgreSQL database as a warm standby backup with automatic failover upon master failure.

With upcoming PostgreSQL 9.0, you can direct read traffic to standby databases, thereby enabling scale out solutions for PostgreSQL.

This major Tungsten release also has completely updated documentation, including expanded description on cluster concepts, management procedures, and connectivity options.

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