New C++ client API to PostgreSQL has been released!

Posted on 2018-05-23 by Dmitry Igrishin
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The PostgreSQL Frontend (Pgfe) is client C++ API to PostgreSQL servers. This software is "beta" quality, and the API is a subject to change. Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Current API allows to work with:

  • database connections (in both blocking and non-blocking IO manner);
  • prepared statements (named parameters are supported);
  • SQLSTATE codes (as simple as with enums);
  • dynamic SQL;
  • extensible data type conversions (including support of PostgreSQL arrays to/from STL containers conversions).

Features of the near future

The urgent TODO-list includes:

  • support for Large Objects via IO streams of the Standard C++ library;
  • support of COPY command;
  • support of work with SQL queries separately of C++ code;
  • the Composite data type to work with composite types;
  • the Dynamic_array data type to work with arrays of variable dimensions;
  • C API.


For details please refer to: