MicroOLAP PostgresDAC 2.4.1 released

Posted on 2008-01-28

Please download its trial version at:

http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/postgresdac/download/ ,


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What's new:

[!] TPSQLUpdateSQL now support BLOB parameters

[!] Now EnterpriseDB is supported by PostgresDAC

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[*] Extracting target table name for update in TPSQLQuery improved

[*] IProviderSupport compatibility improved

[+] UUID type introduced in PostgreSQL 8.3 is mapped to TGUIDField

[-] "TPSQLDirectQuery.eof does not work properly" bug fixed

[-] "Can not update TPSQLQuery result set when SQL text has trailing semicolon" bug fixed

[-] "Client sorting fails on float values if decimal separator <> '.' in locale settings" bug fixed

[-] "Cursor goes to the first record after Post if result set contains boolean field" bug fixed

[-] "Dataset can not handle BLOB values if oid > MaxInt (2147483647)" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLDatabase.FDirectQueryList being created but never freed in the destructor" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLDump.DumpToFile: Can't create temporary log/out file on read-only file system" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLRestore.RestoreFromFile: Can't create temporary log/out file on read-only file system" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLTable.FindKey failed on date fields" bug fixed

[-] function TPSQLDataSet.PSExecuteStatement fixed

PostgresDAC is powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder and PostgreSQL 7.x, 8.x/Pervasive Postgres. It allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to PostgreSQL/Pervasive Postgres DB without BDE and ODBC.

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