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MicroOLAP PostgresDAC 2.3.7 released

Posted on 2007-01-23

You're welcome to download the new version of PostgresDAC right now at:


Full list of current changes:

[+] TPSQLStoredProc component editor maintain IN\OUT parameters


[+] Error handling in TPSQLDup\Restore improved a lot

[*] Disable fetching index info when query in not set in the requestlive mode

[*] Maintain FILTERED property while converting with TBDE2PSQL

[*] Master-detail operations performance improved a lot for TPSQLQuery component

[*] TPSQLDatabase.GetStoredProcParams removed

[-] "TPSQLDatabase holds connection if authentication failed" bug fixed

[-] "CreateTable method doesn't work" bug fixed

[-] "Blob size calculated wrong on BYTEA fields" bug fixed

[-] "Master-detail treats NULL values as non-NULL depending on field type" bug fixed

[-] "DBI error 9997: Index not found in TPSQLQuery if PK not used in SQL" bug fixed

[-] "Only one BLOB field is updated on Post() if table contains more then one BLOB field" bug fixed

[-] "NULL values were treated as 0 or empty string (depends on

datatype) while updating TPSQLQuery via TPSQLUpdateSQL component"

bug fixed

PostgresDAC is powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder and PostgreSQL 7.x, 8.x/Pervasive Postgres. It allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to PostgreSQL/Pervasive Postgres DB without BDE and ODBC.

PostgresDAC home page:

http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/postgresdac/download/ ,

Questions? Welcome to support:


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