30th September 2021: PostgreSQL 14 Released!

MicroOLAP Database Designer meets PostgreSQL 10!

Posted on 2017-11-01 by Microolap
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The MicroOLAP team is proud to introduce Database Designer for PostgreSQL with support for PosgreSQL 10, an comprehensive CASE tool with intuitive graphical interface.

This release introduces support for PostgreSQL v10.

A huge amount of internal and architecture tasks were done either. Updated visual controls used as well as new exception tracer introduced.

Several new sample models were added: “USDA Food database”, “Chinook” and “AdventureWorks for Postgres”. There are many changes and bug fixes.


You're welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.12.0 right now at: http://microolap.com/products/database/postgresql-designer/download/


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at http://www.microolap.com/support/

Full changelog:

  • [!] SQL Executor and Validator support v10.0 grammar now
  • [+] "AdventureWorks for Postgres" model added as sample
  • [+] "Font Color" options added to Display Preferences
  • [+] "Font Color" options added to object editors
  • [+] "Quote Default value" option added for Domain editor
  • [+] Chinook database model added as sample
  • [+] macaddr8 type support added
  • [+] New detailed error dialog introduced for Reverse Engineering
  • [+] PARALLEL option added for stored routines
  • [+] PL/sh procedural language support added
  • [+] PL/v8 procedural language support added
  • [+] SQL keywords are properly highlighted according to 10.0 version
  • [+] USDA Food database model added as sample
  • [*] "Execution interrupted by user" error dialog replaced
  • [*] "Modify process interrupted by user" message box added
  • [*] Copyright info label updated
  • [*] Improved main window position and state restoring for maximized state
  • [*] Old unfancy loader removed
  • [*] Reverse Engineering respects role permissions on sequences now
  • [*] Splash screen updated
  • [-] "'Rules...' pop-up menu doesn't work for tables on diagram" bug fixed
  • [-] "Comments not displayed for views on diagram" bug fixed
  • [-] "Domains with time and timestamp base types were reversed with 0 type modifier, e.g. time(0)" bug fixed
  • [-] "EConvertError during time out for SSH connection" bug fixed
  • [-] "ERangeError after applying some colors to model background" bug fixed
  • [-] "Most Recent Used list of files for Access Import is empty after restart" bug fixed
  • [-] "Rare EAccessViolation during renaming references in the Reference Manager" bug fixed
  • [-] "Some views and stored routines need to be redrawn after Reverse Engineering by Redisplay menu" bug fixed
  • [-] "Universal Reverse Engineering returns empty model for sources with schemas" bug fixed