MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL ver.1.1.1 has been released

Posted on 2006-07-28

What's new:

[*] Overwrite prompt added when exporting model as an image

[-] "Duplicated objects IDs after Reverse Enginnering" bug fixed

[-] Model file structure changed to pass the XML standards

[-] Bugs on multiple monitors are fixed (application freezes

after double-click on some objects)

[-] Some typos were fixed

[-] "Diagram shown distorted when millimeters are used as measurement

units in the Print Setup" bug fixed

[-] Tab order fixed in some editors

[-] Microsoft Access Reverse Engineering:

  • "boolean fields are displayed as "boolean" and not as "bool" bug fixed

  • "default values for boolean fields are displayed as "yes/no", "on/off"

instead of "true/false"

  • "default values for varchars are double-quoted, must be single quoted"

bug fixed

Best regards,

MicroOLAP Technologies LTD


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