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Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator 1.2 (7.3.6) released

Posted on 2004-04-14

The replicator uses a distributed TransactionLog system to keep track of updates produced by the Master database. The system allows for

multiple Slaves to receive updates in either a continuous or batch mode.

Compatible with the community and Mammoth PostgreSQL code bases this release of Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator 1.2 has increased the speed, reliability and supported platforms. This release also includes:

  1. Replication of Sequences

  2. We now segragate replicated data

  3. You can now add empty tables to the replicated tables list without having to perform a MCP_REFRESH.

  4. Many general bug fixes as reported by customers.

Mammoth PostgreSQL from Command Prompt, Inc. is a robust, reliable,

SQL-compatible Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). It is

designed to give small to medium size businesses the power, performance, and

open-standard support they desire.

Written as a part of the database Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator delivers a new level

of reliability and provides that last missing key feature for 24/7 PostgreSQL usage.

Command Prompt, Inc., provides support, custom programming, and services for PostgreSQL.

Service contracts, as well as time and materials support are available, allowing for

single-point accountability for a customer's database solution.

available, allowing for single-point accountability for a customer's

database solution.


RedHat 7.3+ - NOW

SuSE 8.2+ - NOW

SuSE 9.0+ - NOW

Solaris 9 - NOW


For more information please visit: http://www.commandprompt.com/ or email

info commandprompt.com.

Command Prompt, Inc.

(503) 667 - 4564

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