Load Data from PostgreSQL to Snowflake Using Estuary Flow

Posted on 2024-06-16 by Estuary Flow
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We are happy to share that you can easily load data from Postgres to Snowflake using Estuary.

Estuary Flow is a game-changer, offering real-time, reliable change data capture (CDC) and seamless batch data movement in a single pipeline. Whether you're powering analytics, operations, or AI, Estuary Flow's speed, reliability, and flexibility are unmatched.

Load Your Data from Postgres to Snowflake in 8 Simple Steps:

  1. Create an Estuary Flow Account: Get started with a free trial.
  2. Configure AWS RDS (Postgres): Set up your PostgreSQL database on AWS.
  3. Local Postgres Setup: Complete the database configuration locally.
  4. Create and Load a Table: Populate your PostgreSQL table with data.
  5. Set up Snowflake: Prepare your Snowflake data warehouse.
  6. Create a Capture: Tell Estuary Flow which data to capture.
  7. Create a Snowflake Materialization: Define where the data should land in Snowflake.
  8. Verify Data Accuracy: Ensure everything is in sync and accurate.

For detailed instructions and screenshots at each step, refer to Estuary's official guide: Postgres to Snowflake