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Lightning Admin version 1.5 Build 30 Released

Posted on 2009-01-29

Lightning Admin Version 1.5 build 30 is available to registered users.

This is a big release with several new features.

  1. Improved New User/Properties dialog

  2. Improved New Database/Properties dialog

  3. Improved query editor with ability to return multiple result sets.Result sets can be undocked for comparison purposes

  4. New client library, we have switched to PgDAC from www.devart.com for this release.There are some performance issues with the new client library especially on low bandwidth connections and ssh tunnels, so please keep this in mind. We expect the vendor to fix any performance issues, we just need to give them some time as this is their first PGSQL product. This client library does not need libpq.dll and we only need it(libpq) for pg_dump/restore

  5. Spell checking for all comment entry/edit areas. Live spelling and dialog based is available.Comment spell checking was added by user request.

  6. Improved Dump and Restore dialogs. We now use pg_dump.exe and pg_restore.exe via the win32 api command createprocess and pipes. You can now use any version of pg_dump/restore as longas you meet the dependencies.

  7. Reduced dependency libpq.dll,openssl dlls and pg_restore/dump.exe. We compiled our own versions of these librariesand reduced the massive amount of dependencies incurred by the official postgresql win32 release. The MS C++ runtimes are not needed for our versions because we compiled with mingw.

  8. Many general bugfixes found while adding the above :-)

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