Just released: Precog (Data Science Platform) for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2013-02-08 by Precog

Today, the Precog team has released a free implementation of Precog for PostgreSQL. Precog for PostgreSQL empowers users to easily perform data science on PostgreSQL.

This release bundles the core Precog analysis technology into a completely free package that anyone can download and deploy on their existing PostgreSQL database. Precog for PostgreSQL gives you the ability to analyze all the data in your PostgreSQL database, without forcing you to export data into another tool or write any custom code.

Precog for PostgreSQL comes bundled with Labcoat, a high-level analysis tool that lets users analyze data using Quirrel, the statistically-oriented query language. To get started, visit this page to download the zipped file (includes JAR, scripts and config file).

To get started….

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Configure Precog
  3. Launch Precog
  4. Try the API
  5. Try Labcoat
  6. Analyze your data!

See the read me for the complete installation and configuration instructions. We provide full support for this release so if you run into any trouble, please contact the Precog team at support@precog.com.

Have fun analyzing your data on your PostgreSQL database and let us know what you think!