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Jitterbit 3.0 GA Now Available

Posted on 2009-10-13

The GA release of Jitterbit includes expanded connectivity options, including full JDBC support and HTTP Endpoints that allow for real-time Web Services based integrations. The new integration server was rewritten to accomodate high volume transactions, with users reporting up to 20x performance gains over Jitterbit 2.0. Many of these improvements were made possible through the use of PostgreSQL as Jitterbit's database.

New features include management tools that support multiple Jitterbit servers, multiple staging environments (e.g. development, test, production), as well as multi-user projects. A new plug-in manager allows for easier management of community developed extensions to Jitterbit.

For a full list of new features visit http://www.jitterbit.com/Product/jitterbit-3-enterprise-integration

To download Jitterbit 3.0, visit http://www.jitterbit.com/download

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