JDBC 42.2.0 Released

Posted on 2018-01-18 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC group is proud to release version 42.2.0

Notable changes include:

  • Support SCRAM-SHA-256 for PostgreSQL 10 in the JDBC 4.2 version (Java 8+) using the Ongres SCRAM library. PR 842
  • Make SELECT INTO and CREATE TABLE AS return row counts to the client in their command tags. Issue 958 PR 962
  • Support Subject Alternative Names for SSL connections. PR 952
  • Support isAutoIncrement metadata for PostgreSQL 10 IDENTITY column. PR 1004
  • Support for primitive arrays PR#887 3e0491a
  • Implement support for get/setNetworkTimeout() in connections. PR 849
  • Make GSS JAAS login optional, add an option "jaasLogin" PR 922 see [Connecting to the Database]{https://jdbc.postgresql.org/documentation/head/connect.html