iTuple and haxTuple: open source ERP, now on the iPhone and with bug derby prizes

Posted on 2010-02-17

Many in the Postgres community already know xTuple, the company behind the open source accounting, ERP, and CRM software of the same name. Postgres is the only database we use, and we use it well - all the business logic in the application lives in pl/pgsql functions, procedures, triggers, and view-based APIs.

The new iTuple application allows users to easily sync their iPhone or iPod Touch with the CRM portion of their company's xTuple PostgreSQL ERP database, including contacts, corporate relationships, and personal To-Do items. Addresses in iTuple are even fully integrated with the Google Maps application. See for more information.

I also wanted to make sure everyone was also aware of an event we're calling "haxTuple" - our second annual bug derby, featuring prizes for participating contributors: an Apple iPad, free seats of xTuple training, T-shirts, and some great toys from ThinkGeek.

Come have a look around. We've tried to make it as easy as possible to get involved:




Ned Lilly

President and CEO


119 West York Street

Norfolk, VA 23510

tel. 757.461.3022 x101


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