Initial release of pg_enquo, a queryable encryption extension for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2022-10-11 by The Enquo Project
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The Enquo Project is extremely pleased to announce the initial release of pg_enquo, an open source PostgreSQL extension that enables the secure and efficient querying of encrypted data stored in a PostgreSQL table.

Strong encryption is one of the best ways of preventing data leaks. However, when encrypted, data becomes difficult to query, removing many of the benefits of storing it in a database. With pg_enquo, however, you can encrypt data, store it in PostgreSQL, and still query it. All encryption and decryption happens in the client application, meaning that an attacker with access to the database server or its contents can never decrypt the data.

This initial release provides support for querying and sorting encrypted bigints and dates, as well as equality queries for UTF-8 strings. Future releases aim to support more data types and more query operators.

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