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Horizon 1.1.16 supports PostgreSQL

Posted on 2005-10-31

Since its first release, Horizon supported most of the common commercial databases, anyway we strongly wanted give our customers the chance to choose an open-source solution. MySQL was a candidate, but unfortunately had severe limitations for a J2EE application (e.g. implicit commit on LOCK statements). PostgreSQL doesn't have any limitation, it supports all ANSI standards, it's scalable, very performing and lightweight.

The best available product in its category. This is why we decided to support it from the very start.

It's the better choice for our customers.

Horizon is an extensible 100%-Java e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Horizon has many important and useful features:

* Quick and intuitive multi-language interface.

* Categories and subcategories organization, with documents and media enrichment for each product.

* Offers customization with constraints check.

* Products specialization according to the export country target.

* Advanced CRM features, such as customers' activities management and events' notifying.

* Statistics, trend and advanced print reporting.

* Instant messaging tool.

* Integrated diagnostics and self-repairing tools.

* 100% web based, no software installation on clients.

Miliaris is a dynamic software house based in Modena, Italy.

It develops software-on-demand using the Java platform.

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