High-Performance SQL Cluster Engine PGSpider 4.0.0 released

Posted on 2023-12-26 by Toshiba
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We have just released PGSpider v4.0.0.
This version is based on PostgreSQL 16 and fixed some bugs.

PGSpider is High-Performance SQL Cluster Engine for distributed big data.
PGSpider can access a number of data sources using Foreign Data Wrapper(FDW) and retrieves the distributed data source vertically.
Usage of PGSpider is the same as PostgreSQL. You can use any client applications such as libpq and psql.

PGSpider supports following features :

Multi-Tenant :
User can get records in multi tables by one SQL easily. If there are tables with similar schema in each data source, PGSpider can view them as a single virtual table: We call it as Multi-Tenant table.
About an insertion for Multi-tenant table, data is inserted into data sources distributedly by round robin algorithm (This specification was improved from the previous version).

Parallel processing :
PGSpider executes queries and fetches results from child nodes in parallel.
PGSpider expands Multi-Tenant table to child tables, creates new threads for each child table to access corresponding data source.

Pushdown :
WHERE clause, aggregation functions, SQL function in the target list are pushed down to child nodes. JOIN is also pushed down if all tables in a query are located in a single data source.
Pushdown to Multi-tenant tables occur error when AVG, STDDEV and VARIANCE are used. PGSPider improves this error, PGSpider can execute them. JOIN also pushed down if all tables in a query are located in a single data source.

This is developed by Toshiba Digital Innovation Technology Center.
Please see the repository for details, and tell us feedback.

Source repository : https://github.com/pgspider/pgspider

Best Regards,
TAIGA Katayama