Heads up: RPM GPG keys are changing on 3 Jan 2024 ( RHEL and Fedora )

Posted on 2023-12-21 by PostgreSQL PGDG RPM Repository
PostgreSQL Project

As a part of having new x86_64 build instances, we updated all of the RPM signing keys to meet FIPS requirements (except RHEL7, where updated GPG keys will appear but not meet FIPS requirement) for RHEL 9, 8 and 7 (and their derivatives), and Fedora 39 & 38. Existing keys are weak and throwing warnings to many users.

We will also update aarch64 and ppc64le signing keys as well.

New repo RPMs, the new keys and RPMs re-signed with the new keys will be published on 3 January 2024.

If you want to receive updates from the PostgreSQL RPM repo after 3 January 2024, you'll need to update the repository RPM and install new keys. We will publish detailed information and howto in https://yum.postgresql.org before new year.

There will be no change in the SLES 15 and SLES 12 RPMS, at least for now.