Greenmask v0.1.1 Release

Posted on 2024-01-28 by
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PostgreSQL Dump and Obfuscation Tool

We are excited to announce the release of Greenmask v0.1.1. This release introduces a suite of new transformers, significantly enhancing its capabilities for obfuscating PostgreSQL databases.

Greenmask Overview

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform Support: Developed in Go, Greenmask operates independently of platform constraints, offering flexibility across different operating systems.
  • Type-Safe Database Operations: It ensures data validation and encoding, maintaining the integrity of your database throughout the obfuscation process.
  • Transformation Validation: Greenmask guarantees correct and maintainable data transformations, ensuring reliability and accuracy.
  • Partitioned Table Support: Simplifies configuration for partitioned tables, making it easier to manage large datasets.
  • Stateless and Backward Compatible: Designed to be compatible with standard PostgreSQL utilities, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Parallel Execution: Enhances efficiency in dumping and restoration processes through concurrent operations, reducing the time required for data handling.
  • Multiple Storage Options: Supports both local and remote storage solutions, offering flexibility in data management and backup strategies.

Use Cases

Greenmask is ideally suited for:

  • Routine backup and restoration tasks, ensuring data integrity and availability.
  • Anonymization and data masking for staging environments and analytics, protecting sensitive information while maintaining data utility.

Release Notes


New Transformers: The latest update vastly expands the variety of available transformers, enhancing Greenmask's versatility for database obfuscation. The newly added transformers include:

  • Geographic data generators like RandomLatitude and RandomLongitude.
  • Temporal data generators such as RandomUnixTime and RandomMonthName.
  • Communication data generators, including RandomEmail and RandomPhoneNumber.
  • User identity generators like RandomUsername and RandomName.
  • Network data generators, including RandomIPv4 and RandomIPv6.
  • Security data generators such as RandomPassword.
  • Financial data generators like RandomCurrency and RandomAmountWithCurrency.
  • Content data generators, including RandomWord and RandomParagraph.
  • A unique RealAddress generator for more realistic data simulation.

These transformers facilitate the generation of mock data for various testing and development purposes, enhancing the utility and flexibility of Greenmask.

Documentation Updates: To accompany the introduction of new transformers, we've thoroughly updated our documentation. It now includes detailed explanations and examples, enabling easy configuration and effective use of the new features in your data obfuscation pipelines.

Community Participation

We encourage the PostgreSQL community to engage with us by providing feedback and suggestions. Your insights and testing are invaluable for improving Greenmask's robustness and utility.

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