Greenmask Beta Release

Posted on 2023-12-05 by
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PostgreSQL Dump and Obfuscation Tool

We are thrilled to announce the first beta release of Greenmask, an innovative open-source utility designed for PostgreSQL logical backup dumping, obfuscation, and restoration. This tool is a significant addition to the PostgreSQL "family" news, aligning with the PostgreSQL community's interest in related open-source projects.

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform Support: Developed in Go, Greenmask is free of platform dependencies.
  • Type-Safe Database Operations: Ensures data validation and encoding, maintaining integrity.
  • Transformation Validation: Guarantees correct and maintainable data transformations.
  • Partitioned Table Support: Eases configuration for partitioned tables.
  • Stateless and Backward Compatible: Compatible with standard PostgreSQL utilities.
  • Parallel Execution: Boosts efficiency in dumping and restoration processes.
  • Multiple Storage Options: Offers support for both local and remote storage solutions.

Use Cases

  • Perfect for routine backup and restoration tasks.
  • Aids in anonymization and data masking for staging environments and analytics.

Our Vision

  • Greenmask aims to be a key component in managing obfuscation processes, with plans for a future UI-based solution.


  • Compatible with PostgreSQL version 11 and higher.

Community Participation

As this is a beta release, we highly value feedback and suggestions from the PostgreSQL community. Your insights and testing are crucial for enhancing Greenmask's robustness and utility.

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