Generate realistic test Data for PostgreSQL with SB Data Generator, a New Tool from Softbuilder

Posted on 2021-04-01 by Softbuilder
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Softbuilder announces the first release of SB Data Generator, a new GUI tool for generating and populating databases with a large volume of meaningful test data.

SB Data Generator is a simple and powerful GUI tool to generate and populate selected tables or entire databases with realistic test data for your applications. SB Data Generator reverses your database and displays tables and columns, so you can assign to them multiple data generator templates.

Here are some valuable features of SB Data Generator

  • Support generate test data for PostgreSQL and other databases

  • Full support of all essential data types

  • Generate millions of rows of realistic test data

  • Preview what data will be generated before performing the generation

  • Various built-in generators available

  • Ability to create or customize data generators

Learn more about SB Data Generator

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